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A large UI kit with over 1,200 handcrafted Material-UI symbols for Sketch.


  • 1,200+ high-quality symbols – ready to use and customize – kept in sync with the React implementation
  • 1,000+ icons grouped and named consistently with Material Design in 5 themes
  • 100+ customizable color, typography, and elevation styles
  • 20+ screens with component and style guide documentation
  • 4 examples of screen designed with the kit
  • 1 year of updates
  • Smart Layout
  • Color Tints

No matter what your role, you’ll be more efficient

UI / UX Designers ๐Ÿ’…

Save time using this large library of UI components, icons, and styles to deliver your work faster. You can customize the kit however you want to match your productโ€™s brand.

Developers ๐Ÿ› 

Gain in autonomy, design beautiful, consistent, and accessible interface without relying on designers. You can preview how it will look before coding it.
The UI kit was created specifically for Material-UI, a popular React UI library with a comprehensive set of components.

Product managers / Entrepreneurs ๐Ÿงช

Create MVPs efficiently and save hundreds of hours on UI Design. This is a great place to start if your product or brand needs a design system. Equip your team with this library for Sketch and build consistent products faster.

See it in action

The following video demonstrates how the symbols can be used to design an invoice page.

Preview all components, screens, layouts, and styles available in the UI kit.


A comprehensive component inventory for Sketch ๐Ÿ›

The UI kit contains all the Material-UI components with states and variations which gives 1,500+ unique elements. All components are designed with the most up to date release.

The elements use Smart Layout which makes them scalable and adjustable. Convenient naming optimized for Sketch allows you to quickly find and use the desired component.


Apply your product branding in minutes ๐Ÿ’…

The whole Material-UI theme is ready to use and customize. The styles depend on shared variables which makes them easily customizable and consistent. The kit includes the whole Material Design color palette. Change font and color styles to match your product branding in minutes.

Everything is documented for developers so you donโ€™t need to worry about creating all states and docs yourself.


Save hundreds of hours ๐Ÿš€

The UI kit was built for Material-UI and optimized for Sketch. Save hundreds of hours and use the Material-UI React Library to bring your products to life.

Material-UI is awesome – it has over 1M+ active users and 56,000+ stars on GitHub!

A large icon library โ„น๏ธ

1,000+ material icons in 5 themes (filled, outlined, rounded, sharp, and two-tone), grouped and named accordingly. You can reuse icons throughout the whole UI Kit in components because everything is connected together.


Built exclusively for Sketch ๐Ÿ’Ž

The kit takes advantage of all the features of Sketch.

Handcrafted to perfectly match Material-UI โœจ

Avoid surprises. What you design is what you get in production, with high reliability and consistency.

Blog post

Introducing Material-UI for Sketch


  • A minimum version of Sketch 64.0 is required.
  • The item is brought to life by Devias IO.

9 reviews for Material-UI for Sketch

  1. Olga Vignard (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    Great library, I am a PM with average UI skills and this allow me to quickstart my new project much faster. Easy to use!

  2. John Lyon-Smith (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    Great set of components. Bit on the pricey side, but does the trick.

  3. Walter Vargas-Pena (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    This has everything you need to quickly get started prototyping. If you’re usina Material-UI its a no brainer.

  4. Taylor Cronin (verified owner)

    dimension: flexibility

    I’m a PM at a startup and needed to start building designs for the devs quickly. Considering I am not a designer, this really allowed me to get high-quality, dev-ready designs very quickly. There’s a very slight learning curve, but nothing you can’t figure out in a day if you have some experience with sketch. The documentation is very helpful as well. 10/10 Material UI!

  5. Satriadi Kurniawan (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    I have been using several paid versions of starter kit , for UI material, this is the best.

  6. Chris Leyva (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    If you’re team is using Material-UI like we are, this is a MUST. Build out your product knowing that your designs will match the same components your devs will use for a pixel perfect delivery.

  7. Debbie Seusy (verified owner)

    dimension: customizability

    I had been designing with Google’s Material kit for Sketch (an awesome and free product, by the way) but my dev team is going with REACT’s Material-UI and I wanted to be sure what I drew would be a match. So far so good, although I am in the early stages. I would say that I wish there were more states for all of the items – Google’s Sketch kit includes hover states, click states, etc. And more icons! I am having to use mostly the icons provided in the Google Material UI kit I had already installed.

    • Olivier Tassinari

      Thank you for the feedback. We have released v4.11.0 that covers a lot more states.
      Regarding the icons, you can find over 1,000 icons for 5 different types (filled, outlined, rounded, sharp, and two-tone) in the same archive as the main Sketch file (so over 5,000).

  8. Yuliya Akhtsiamava (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    Thank you for adding some parts which were missing in google’s kit (especially for tables! that’s lit) and for great work with symbols, much appretiated. However, there are some elemets missing (mainly disabled styles). But I hope you guys are working on it and expand the lib slowly.

    • Olivier Tassinari

      Thank you for the feedback. We have released v4.11.0 that covers a lot more states.

  9. Mario Merino (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    Its a good starting point yet several variants of the components are missing

    • Olivier Tassinari

      Thanks for the feedback. We have released v4.11.0 that covers a lot more states.

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