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A professional React Dashboard that comes with plenty of ready-to-use Material-UI components developed with one common goal in mind, to help you build faster & beautiful applications. Each component is fully customizable, responsive, and easy to integrate.

⚠️ TypeScript is only available on the Standard Plus and Extended licenses.


  • 32 Page Examples
  • Fully Responsive
  • Built with React Hooks API
  • Redux & React Context API as State Manager
  • Redux Toolkit
  • Routing System
  • Auth0
  • Firebase Auth
  • JWT Auth
  • Light Functionality Components
  • Ready-to-deploy folder structure
  • Complete User Flows
  • Easy Color Changes
  • Consistent Updates

Page Examples

Landing & Dashboards



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  • Documentation

Built with

  • React
  • Material-UI v4
  • Redux
  • DraftJS
  • ChartJS
  • Apex Charts
  • PrismJS
  • React Markdown
  • React Full Calendar

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Standard License, Standard Plus, Extended License

31 reviews for Devias Kit Pro – React Client & Admin Dashboard

  1. mike.dichirico (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    Without a doubt, this template deserves 5 stars. It is very thoughtfully put together by the developer (or team?) with respect to naming conventions, directory structure, and code reuse. If you have experience with React and Redux, you will be familiar with what you are looking at.

    I was not as familiar with Material UI as I already was with React and Redux, so using this template was also a way for me to see how someone else made use of Material UI to create a layout and theme it.

    Aside from those observations as a developer, the template itself is a very attractive template and comes with many features to accommodate just about everything in today’s website. I have been very pleased with both Olivier from Material UI and the Devias team who have been responsive when I did email them questions.

  2. Terry Rodery (verified owner)

    dimension: other

    I purchased this template prior to version 1.3.0 which was still good, but I must say, the current version (1.3.0) is even better!

    I painfully developed my “frontend” skillset from virtually nothing to “ok” over the course of a year and this template really helped making the transition from an opensource React framework to something more bespoke and professional looking. I work almost 100% by examples and I was impressed to find examples that include:

    * Fully responsive to the point that it works in different resolutions with my crappy code
    * Fully implemented React Router with navigation bar. Very easy to add/modify routes.
    * “Mock” to mock your real API so you can do testing without a proper backend. This is phenomenal because this populates tables, cards, etc. with asynchronous data fetched from an API. No more looking up examples on how to jerry rig API calls into your components.
    * Full use of React Hooks
    * Redux stuff (if you’re into that sort of thing)
    * Really well defined ESLint configuration. Great for working in Visual Studio Code. I have no idea how to configure ESLint nor do I have the time so it’s awesome to have something so turn-key to enforce a strict set of guidelines for code quality.
    * PrismJS (for syntax highlighting of code)

    When purchasing most things, I try to look for the most critical reviews of the product as I’m looking for the source of frustrations for most people. Having said that, the only thing that I wish it included (as of 1.3.0) is working table pagination with use of “useHistory”. This is used so that the URL in the URL bar can be copied and pasted to send via email, slack, etc. which also makes the using the browser back button navigate back through each table page properly.

    I initially had cold feet as I’ve never purchased something like this before. I wanted to make sure I didn’t waste money on something that was incredibly difficult to use. Overall, I’m extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone. I was able to transform my dashboard from “zero” to “hero” relatively easily providing a level of polish I couldn’t otherwise achieve.

    Thanks for producing this!

  3. Pankaj Bokdia (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    This is an amazing theme. I am pretty new to React and this theme has everything built in. I just had to copy paste some code and then customise it according to my needs. The team has put in a lot of effort into making this theme. Their support is amazing as well.

  4. fad (verified owner)

    dimension: other

    This is the best react theme. It includes everything you need to run any project.
    The is clean and easy to understand and customize.

    Keep up the good work
    Thank you

  5. Olivier Tassinari

    We believe that it’s a feature request rather than a review. We have taken note of it.
    It would be even better to make this feedback by email at Thank you.

  6. OMER YALHI (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Excellent code quality, especially usefull if you are a newbie. If you like the look and feel of the pages and that resonates with what you are developing, it puts you way ahead of the game.

    I am using some components and not the whole ‘app’ as is. Converting to TypeScript and in some parts it’s a little challenging but overall they’ve done a really good job, kudos to the developer.

  7. Brian Hennessy (verified owner)

    dimension: other

    Overall a great value for cost. Help speed along design and development significantly. My only recommendation is to flesh out the design assets a little bit more.

  8. Slava Chabanov (verified owner)

    dimension: other

    Great theme! Great support. If you are new to React like me, take your time to understand hooks, redux and react in general and you will appreciate this theme even more. I had a few questions and the guys provided me with the answers very quickly. Money well spent.

  9. Murugesan Govindan (verified owner)

    dimension: flexibility

  10. ALEXANDRE MACHADO (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

  11. Ehsan Vahedi (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

  12. Gabriel Desilets (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    really love the pro kit, im new to react and made my own “base react app” for my projects and after using the kit as a documentation i change bits here and there and i was really pleased with the ui working perfectly. i love that i can use react-hook-form and not being tight with another one. the template gives a lot of freedom.

  13. Chong yea Shaw (verified owner)

    dimension: customer-support

    mock data is nice to have, however it also creates an issue when integrate real REST API calls, luckily support was great, I was able to have both mock data and real data co-exist, this is very helpful to have them co-exist at development stage. when call real REST API, I import axios to create new instance without mocking:
    import axi from ‘axios’; //no mock on axi
    there is nothing else you need to change in devias’ ui software.

    I found another issue is when call real REST API, if server backend and web app are on different ports, I got CORS errors, I have node.js based backend, this error can be fixed by “cors” package, this is security issue, I don’t worry about it yet.

    last, make sure you know how to use console.log() for debugging in browser’s console (not the server console).

  14. Filipe Dias (verified owner)

    dimension: customer-support

  15. Samuel Ladapo (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Picking up react for the first time for a project and honestly they’ve done everything here

  16. Cesar Serrano (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    The code quality is really great. Saved me a lot of time

  17. Edwin Woolf (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Really professionally written, and runs without error, so a great starting point, certainly worth the money.

    Feedback for the developers: don’t assume that the users know all the areas, or have used all the libraries. Maybe some pertinent links that you found helpful when developing the template. Please?
    I am spending way too much time googling trying to figure out which cherry-picked pieces of tech you used.
    Especially on the material-ui styling, it’s abstracted away, all new to me, where do I start – you can help with that.
    Clsx? Never used it, google here I come…sigh…

  18. dejesuzjason (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Really do love this. The code base was quick and easy to understands and work around to add new views etc…
    Overall – loved the code quality, as well as all the designs.

  19. Mark Piper (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Outstanding code. Well structured and flexible. Only complaint is that I wish it came with JS tests.

    The functionality available is the best I’ve seen among similar themes.

  20. Shoesonline LTD (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

  21. Pablo Perez (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Muy buen producto en todos los aspectos como diseño flexibilidad legibilidad y con los ultimos estandares.

  22. Andrew Rothbart (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    Saved me a ton of time. This is a no-brainer if you want to get something bootstrapped quickly.

  23. Gaurav Dabas (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Very well structured and clean code. It saved me lots of time.
    Would be great to see Firebase integration as well.
    Great job guys 🙂

  24. gowrav.hassan (verified owner)

    dimension: feature-availability

    Great Feature Integrations, needed Firebase from the get go and got it up and running in no time.

  25. velikayikci (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Easy to understand. Perfect. Thanks for the great app.

  26. Trongtrong Vanatharnkul (verified owner)

    dimension: design-quality

    The UIs are very well-put and intuitive, one of the best (if not the best) I’ve seen so far.

  27. Trongtrong Vanatharnkul (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Well coded, many parts of the code base had me go study React and JS more in order to learn to optimize my webapps.

  28. Vladyslav Karpenko (verified owner)

    dimension: feature-availability

    I had bought it a few days ago. Already started to translate JavaScript components of v2.0 into my TypeScript project… Few days later v3.0 come out, already written with TypeScript! My license gave me the opportunity to download new version and to became even more happy with it.

    Comparing code of the versions shows that the kit is well maintained.

  29. Nathan Ng (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Fantastic framework that puts in a ton of best practices, which are really helpful in crafting a well-structured React app. Especially with built-in support for TypeScript, Redux (with Redux Toolkit), React Context, Auth Guards, Routing etc., you can spend much less time on general architecture and scaffolding. It’s got really nice UI components and theming, and even built-in support for implementing Auth0 and Firebase quickly. Great work Devias team!

  30. Uday Korlimarla (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Overall, This is simply put, very high quality code with everything I need. Hooks, Refs, Everything

  31. (verified owner)

    dimension: code-quality

    Having been burned with many a good-looking Bootstrap theme in the past that was almost imporrible to port to React without days of labour, this is a refreshing and unique experience in buying a theme.
    Apart from the fact the theme is excellent, comprehensive and covers all the aspects you’d want of a dashboard, the code is written exactly how I like to write React code (with Redux-toolkit and Hooks), plus some extra sugar in there in terms of coding style and standards that I’d not seen before and I’m now using it for all my development.

    In fact if I wanted to train a dev team in good React practices for scalable web-app development, I’d just point them at this code.

    This is a total no-brainer buy. (I don’t ever leave reviews normally – but mightily impressed with this)

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